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wow. good images

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check out the man's fingers, they look extremely short.

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Very bad image retouching... compare to the others.

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very good

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Fuuny. Would be better if they had the figures other way round :-D

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Awesome! This is a beauiful idea. Well conceived in a tough category and well executed. Well done OgilvyOne.

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Lorem Ipsum
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you wouldn't happen to be the art director would you bobbydazzler?

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Great stuff... If I did this I would compliment the work done and be proud of it.

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First I thought the guys fell down from the window making out and were holding on dearly to the rod, but then i realized the idea, but it has already been done by Radhika Singh of Ogilvy India (if i remember it right) few years back and appeared in Archive magazine and the client was most probably Pantaloon.

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Same agency. As stated in every agency rule book... you are permitted to steal ideas if they were created within the same agency. I think rule two went: Forget rule one... steal from whom you like.

But coming back to the ad. I like it, even if it has been done before or not.

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Sorry but the DI is terrible on this one. Funny, where are these ads supposed to have been placed as noone I know has seen them.

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Alrighty then...absolutely cool. I love it. They have taken an old idea and gave it brand-
new feel. Okay I know you don't believe me, i'll remind you...

Pay-off: So good you won't take them(Or something close to that)
Images: Different executions of people having sex with their clothes on.

It's the same thought - only they've taken it a step forward.Like i said. Beautiful Campaign.

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Recycled idea is good when properly used. Is a nice campaign, just that, this one is an odd one out from the other 2. Execution: details can be improved. This particular ad can pull down the whole campaign if sent for awards.

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