copywriter.txt's picture
828 pencils

Nice photo and nice art direction. But the woman arms and hands can be more delicate.

Surly creative director's picture
Surly creative ...
140 pencils

MUCH agreed. Her hands were so masculine that I thought maybe this was a tranny ad I wasn't getting.

loading...'s picture
26 pencils

with those hands she could open an entire six pack in two seconds....

copywriter.txt's picture
828 pencils

LOL! :)

mikelite's picture
1031 pencils

great, and what?

the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

eh...in a way this says that the twist off caps are too difficult to open for women, hence the guys hand being used to open the bottle....

drizae's picture
503 pencils

Jeezum! She's got man hands!! I agree with copy, definitely needs to have a softer approach to the female body to get the idea across properly.

Fail Harder.

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

ok, so this beer weakens your fine motor skills (nothing special i think)

oh, and it contains steroids.

[other explanations would be appreciated]

picturejockey's picture
658 pencils

Copywriter is right, the hand of the woman is indeed quite manly. Quite nice otherwise, like thepost processing

deep_tracy's picture
588 pencils

i think what it's saying is all you need are your hands to open it. so the woman's hands don't need to be more feminine. having another person's hand is just the creative "twist."

copycomoelcopi's picture
822 pencils

agree with tracy here… you don't need a tool, just a hand.

Endeio's picture
270 pencils

Ok. 3/10

elmikel's picture
1147 pencils

A hand is a bottle opener. Nice. Simple and clear.

ozamu's picture
60 pencils

Buena idea, excelente fotografia, bonito pack, pero eso si hay detalles graficos que faltaron integrar y acomodar...Pero en general esta bien...

ivan's picture

please don't shout!

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Guest commenter

beer is for men. plain and simple.
the previous photo is of a man, who obviously is too manly to open his own beer so he needs to get his "female dog" (aka his woman.) to open the bottle for him, cuz god forbid he did anything himself. he can drinkt he beer himself, but she must open it for him. and the twist is SOO EASY to open, even a woman can open it!!!

and then theres this. you can make a woman as BUTCH as she can get, but she will still need a mans help. she will gently grab his arm (notice how her finger is so nicly put, where as in the previous shot, his hand is clenching her wirst like a fist).....but yes, so she must ask him to help her. because she is not capable of opening her own beer, but fear not, you don't need an opener! you just need a man.

oh and drink this beer and you will be manly. even if you're a woman.

seems pretty clear, and VERY effective to me.

also LOVE the way the woman is standing off to the side, like she doesnt want to get hurt while opening her beer bottle, and yet the man in the other photo is so strong and ready for anything!

CHRISTINA G's picture

just wanted to say i wrote the comment about lol, seein as im using this ad for an assignment i don't want my ideas to appear as plagarized i only just realized how annonymus my post was...

CHRSTINA G's picture

correction : comment above*

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