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There is something wrong here. I just spend more time reading the t-shirt than looking at the ad. the photo is good but you guys must consider photoshoping the sing of the shirt, it's misleading considering that is for an ambulance service.

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Totally agree.


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Yes, I agree with pindaro.

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Dick Huges
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I am sorry. But these ads say nothing to me.

And no one would use a nice girl's hand to open a bottle.

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who said this is a NICE girl's hand?

i agree with you.

what's the point? is this bottle so hard to open that you'd rather use another person's hand so you don't ruin your own? or is it so easy to open that everyone's keen to open it?
i don't get it.

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Like the photo. But the idea is too bad.

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Surly creative ...
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I concurr. Is the fact that Becks is now a twist off a new thing? I'm not sure why it's that significant that they're twist-off that it's worthy of an entire ad. Seems more like a little detail in the body copy to me...

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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My biggest problem - The point here is that it's twist off, so you can do it yourself, without relying on someone to open it for you, or searching for a bottle opener. So why use a photo that shows the complete opposite of that? - someone else opening your beer? Doesn't that seem a little contradictary to the main feature of a twist off? do it yourself?

Or are they saying that their bottles are now twist off, but you aren't strong enough to actually open them yourself?

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In relation to the comments about the arms, i think they have use the same person for both shots (saving money)thats whay the girl looks so masculine.

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i think what it's saying is all you need are your hands to open it. having another person's hand is just the creative "twist."

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Buena idea, excelente fotografia, bonito pack, pero eso si hay detalles graficos que faltaron integrar y acomodar...Pero en general esta bien...

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Guest commenter

lol. oh please. its 'this beer is so easy to open u can get ur woman to do it for you!"

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