Hand self

August 2007

1,400,000 children around the world can only see themselves through their hands. Visit for support.
Orbis - saving sight worldwide

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Hong Kong
Creative Directors: Connie Lo, Sandy Chan, Brian Ma
Art Directors: Martin Tong, Leo Yeung
Account Executives: Pamela Wan, Maurice Li
Copywriter: Alfred Wong
Photographer: Henry Wong

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JAGGY's picture
Activity Score 1382

not persuasive

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

nycCreative's picture
Activity Score 98

i kind of liked where the execution was going, but couldnt understand the can kids see themselves through their hands? is that?...why should i care?...

Faraz Ali's picture
Faraz Ali

any blind use his hand to feel which is his eyes.
As far as i understand this is what they are conveying.

jini's picture

wat its tryin to say is, blind kids feel things and people with their hands to know what they look like. therefore the thought. the line however could have been better

Stigset's picture
Activity Score 1454

I like these, but I feel the art direction could have been a bit better.

Guest star's picture
Guest star

small hands - huge head

yo creo, y?'s picture
yo creo, y?

a mi me gustó.
ver a través de las manos se me hace un insight myy claro.

postman's picture
Activity Score 951

I like these very much for they visualize the methaphor in a way everybody can understand (at least that's what I thought). Agree on the relations, though.

Frane Rectal's picture
Frane Rectal


postman's picture
Activity Score 951

Proportions, yeah, right.

pienight's picture

Three Creative Directors, two Art dirctors and a Writer. That's impressive.

I really want to know who the photographer's assistant and producer were, I think they should be credited too.

And what about the little guy who hands you the towel in the men's toilet, what about him, hey?

karen haze's picture
karen haze

are u first time in there?
are u a freshmen in advertising?
u never see about advertising awards shows or book?

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
Activity Score 3890


I get what he was saying, you on the other hand seem to be having a "moment" for no reason.

Is the "change" upon you?

Doin' it for the points

Tangtong's picture

I think the idea ( which is solid and nicely produced) came before the brief.
Sight impared people use all their other sences to 'see'. Not just touch.

veli's picture
Activity Score 226

and their senses get 10 times stronger or something. They can read through their hands my friends. The idea is good.