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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Not very exciting but I like it.
Any why that vintage look?

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wish they could have put all high notes on the music, making it harder to sing so many notes, instead of just one note that doesn't really fit..

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i think this one is a bit flat. Maybe it would have worked better if there were lots of large musical notes breaking out of the lines, fighting for space. but then, it could just connote noise...i don't know, this needs something more, can't place my finger on it.

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The choice of the note is surprising. Two different quavers? Does not compute...

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very nice..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Somehow I like it, somehow I don't.

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That's not the correct way of expressing the concept musically, but i think it's still understandable.

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You're so right. But as a bit of a music buff, it annoys me with it's incorrectness.

Fail Harder.

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• ω •
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a big 2 seconds in your face...and after hmmm...

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I used to comment only ads that I like but in this case I have to make an exception. Scusate amici, this one is very boring!

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Surely a stronger voice means you hold the note longer - what's the musical symbol for sustain? But it could also mean louder...i guess...

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yup...that would be awesome: they're called "tied notes", notes that sustain past their inital assigned value........

but as you can see, nobody would ever get that.

this ad seems to be almost there, but they copped out with the HUGE eighth-notes (which don't really make sense musically)....it would be two (LOUD) short notes....not exactly "strong".

also in music, a "sforzando" (a single letter 'f') signifies Loudness...they could have just had FFFFFFF

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rabbit. we get it. you know your music.

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strong voice for just 2 notes? and then lost their voice again? the execution doesn't work for me.

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1) Strong voice = musical note? where is the logic.
2) Halls clears your throat. That doesn't mean you will have a strong voice.

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was abt to write th same.i agree with u, desi?

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