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me encanta la ilustración, no sé si el tono es demasiado agresivo para niños de esa edad.

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Sebastián buen D.D.A.
Bien por leche 2, esta campaña es tan interesante como la de DISCOVER.
Los niños de ahora son más agresivos que estos avisos, el mundo ya cambió.

saludos, buenas ideas, buenos textos.

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Freddy Krueger boy RULES!!!!

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i have children, and if i can, they never will see this ads, and never will behavior like that.
i feel sorry for the people that just accept kids violence as a normal thing, as a change in the world, like this was normal.
as a father i try hard to teach my family to share things and never became egoist.
unfortunally, this ads are against me and my way of education for my children.
and there is no metaphory in the kids world, they get everything in a literal way.
great art work, interesting concecpt to adults, but for kids this is very bad, for the fathers and mothers this work against them.
if this campaign was for some MTV magazine for example, or another one for people above 16-17 years old, is awsome campaign.

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What product or service is Trendy?

writingskills that kill

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