Haliaetus Loudspeakers: High heel

Never miss a detail.

High Fidelity is all about detail. This print campaign demonstrates the power of Haliaetus loudspeakers to reproduce every detail of all musical pieces. Even a minor detail in the sound is not missed.

Advertising Agency: Grey Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Keith Ho
Creative Directors: Ming Chan
Art Director: Ming Chan
Copywriters: Timothy Chan
Photographers: Ming Chan
Illustrators: Sam Ip, Chan Wai Hung, Kenny Lam
Retoucher: Simon Kwan
Via: bestadsontv


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high heel has a sound????


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Luke Jones
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Hands up who is tired of clip art being used as an executional device? Or the plethora of ideas that involve items being broken up into individual pieces to tell a story. It started with Bisley. Moved on to Harvey Nichols, Stuffit Deluxe, 42 Below and the list goes on.

It's no longer fresh. Creatives move on. Judges stop rewarding the sheep.

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ancho mucho
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why is there a high heel?

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haha nice, wasn't expecting that!

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