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Barber shops have advertising budgets?

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it's called spec work. find a teeny tiny business & do some free ads for them as long as they agree to pay for the media. media usually consists of local pennysaver pubs. the business gets free ads, you get to enter them into the (local) award shows. too bad these aren't remotely original. I'm sure they'll sweep the Pittsburgh addys.

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good point, munmoron. probably as much as those hole-in-the-wall restaurants who did advertising like this a few years ago...

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munMORON, ramen: your positivity for creative work is astounding.
great feedback.
OF COURSE its scam, take it for what it is.

this is a cool campaign.
the positioning of "this is a cheap shop that hasnt upgraded in the last 50 years" is a little tired, but the ads look fresh.
nice campaign guys.

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you're much more generous than I am.

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