Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

The only thing spoiling this is the obvious cloning of the windows and markings on the wall around them. Really, an extra 10 minutes of photoshop work and this would be very good.

Andy-B's picture
280 pencils

ag! please man! no one look at such detail...

Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

Are you serious, on this site people are looking with a microscope, especially art directors. I quite like the ad though.

theanc's picture
2781 pencils

They're all looking for a problem. But the major problem is: it's not their ad.

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Bundy Agency's picture
Bundy Agency
597 pencils

This is a great ad, and you're right i wish it was my great ad.
unfortunately it looks amateurish because of the obvious copy/paste efforts of the art director.

the idea is great though

CharlieR's picture
92 pencils

i like it at first sight. at the same time i noticed the cloned walld and windows. sorry.

sleeveen78's picture
22 pencils

I initially thought the same thing, but realized this could also be an artifact from construction. For all I know, it could be some special style of Korean architecture. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

Andy-B's picture
280 pencils

I thought it was a dead rat

sneakyhands's picture
1857 pencils

why should i buy this again? ad just isn't working.

Nolan's picture
189 pencils

wow! :) great work!

SeanMartin's picture

The obvious cloning aside, it's a pretty decent ad. Good work.

stitchy's picture
779 pencils


omareduardo777's picture
27 pencils

Davosk is so right, if the smoke is thaat good, why just cloning the wall? (stamp tool, know it? jjaja (kidding) good ad.

keddy's picture
134 pencils

Err....am I the only one who didn't understand this ad?

picopalqlea's picture
999 pencils

i didnt get it!!

virtualplaydoh's picture
252 pencils

DOn't think it's that hard to get when you blow it up and read the copy. It's for a range hood that takes in smoke. Don't know how many people seriously buy these things that you need to advertise for it. But i think it's an interesting execution if you do.

sneakyhands's picture
1857 pencils

i got it, it was just dumb.

C1's picture
2 pencils

Great idea. Execution could have been a little tighter (the cloning of the wall etc), but overall very good for a not so exciting product. Well Done.

virtualplaydoh's picture
252 pencils

that's a nice. How do you make this a campaign?

Psycho Pirate's picture
Psycho Pirate
65 pencils

Just a note. I found out the hard way that sometimes, details like the ones pointed out by earlier comments here can make all the difference to award juries.

Idea and execution can be betrayed by sloppy work. Things that might not be obvious at first glance, will be glaringly obvious once it's on a wall next to thousands of other, better crafted entries.

It might be a nice ad, striking and clear. It can definitely get consumers' attentions.
Now to take it to the next level, it might be worth sitting down and addressing the comments mentioned here and maybe trying to run the ad again.

A couple of extra hours on Photoshop might do wonders.

AD Kevin's picture
AD Kevin
4 pencils

Great idea. Art work, Simple idea! good job. Wow~

gbl's picture
451 pencils

love the idea. could have a better execution.

zzell's picture
9 pencils

wow. good visual direction~

good job man-

rajjainindore's picture
14 pencils

d idea is gud..but d ad doesnt giv direct hint of it....and ultimately fails coz of weak execution..

dthlb72's picture
545 pencils

What more do you expect... this is not diamond ad. No need deep thinking.
simple & nice good already.

Javier Ramírez's picture
Javier Ramírez
1245 pencils

Creo que es una manera visual simple, pero que cumple con comunicar el beneficio principal del producto: potencia.


Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

luisrivera11's picture
469 pencils

the art work its nice

wasuntitled's picture
30 pencils

All I have to say is Its a brilliant Idea but if the art director could spend some time on Photoshop it would have been brilliant too.


godma's picture
6 pencils

well i like d feel of the ad, but i don't know if d window that sucks in the smoke is the product or is it inside that particular flat. people, where's the product?

act's picture
535 pencils

wow that's one reason i should get this product and it's also what i have been waiting for since moving into the apartment, help my neighbor suck in the fire smoke.

act's picture
535 pencils

anyway how about this as a campaign with different products?

firstly you have the blind cat in the kitchen with the fish bowl, it was so blind it knocks off something that causes the fire. now you have this ad. can we help ogilvy and mather here to come up with a 3rd installment?

slip's picture
919 pencils

Duplication makes me sick. Love :) the ad!


NomadDCLXVI's picture
443 pencils

interesting idea, but I don't think that it is good ad.


sleeveen78's picture
22 pencils

Might've been better with just a couple windows.

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