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My first thought when looking at these was WTF?, but after a while they take on a strange fascination. I'm not sure how you guys are promoting yourselves (illustrators? designers? a full-fledged ad agency?), and you might want to hone your message a bit on that point.

BTW: that is some seriously intense website.



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my first thought was heinz ketchup. you know they have 57 varieties of pickles?

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This is a fun poster...not sure what it is for. I went to your website and found it so confusing and hard to navigate, it was useless. Mind you I am not your demographic, but if I seriously wanted to possibly hire you to do something for my company, I can hardly figure out how to see or get what I need to know. Weird.


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Thanks Sharon for your advise, or better to say "criticism". we have already thought about our site, to improve and semplify something of that. we have another confirm by you for what to do now.

Matteo Civaschi.

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