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Guaranteed is nothing but any brand that considers itself reliable, durable, etc.
Where is the brand connection in this campaign?

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♥ get lost ad f...
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wait.. is he taking a pee-pee behind his counter?

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This ad is obviously aimed at homosexual men. The scrawny man behind the counter seemingly holding his man meat, the muscle men hanging on the walls, and the naughty way the guy is looking at us as he plays pocket tugboat... And then the fact that it is a Kia; one of the gayest cars on the market. This is obviously soft porn for homosexual men. There is your brand connection; there is no secret that Kias are popular with homosexual men, especially the Sportage.

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"one of the gayest cars on the market" was great!

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casino royale

good to know that..."there is no secret that Kias are popular with homosexual men, especially the Sportage..." (?). VERSACE is indeed a brand for homos....but, KIA?. Good to know...

the campaign is about those things in life you don't got any guarantee at all.. i think they're trying to say that you should choose the best guarantee when you can have one

this art direction is acceptable, on nyc is really bad, but my favourite is on the hotel ad

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To be popular does not insinuate that the brand is built with intent for that group. I am stating that this ad appears to be geared toward homosexual males; but I am not insinuating that Kia planned their brand expansion around it. But, when a business notices a trend they follow after it. Versace on the other hand had intent behind their being heavily supported by homosexuals.

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This ad shows a guy in bodybuilders' heaven who doesn't seem to be benefiting from it himself. So, working there is no guarantee to become a bodybuilder yourself.
There is a total disconnect with the brand and you think there is because Kia is a popular car amongst gays and this scene is totally gay so they must have intended this ad for that target group.
I don't think that Kia will ever allow itself to spend that much money on such a niche market. Or allow itself to intentionally mark itself as being a gay car.
Kylie Minogue is very popular in the gay community but that doesn't mean she markets herself as a gay icon. It simply doesn't work like that. Not even for Versace.

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"Kylie Minogue is very popular in the gay community but that doesn't mean she markets herself as a gay icon."

That's kind of what I said. It is not overtly homosexual, but would catch their eye; and I doubt it is by accident. Plus, I guess the only way to truly find out is to see where these ads are being used. That would show their true intent.

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Felicito a todos por el buen trabajo ,,,
pero el trabajo necesita mas connection con el brand,,,
Esperando mas y mas


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Pat Bijkerk
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Just as boring as the cars themselves...

Visit me at: http://patrickbijkerk.wordpress.com/

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away from the homosexual debate.. which even if it was there it could & should have been done in a better way..
there should be some humor in this kind of ads that I totally cant see in the 3 executions.. art direction is bad beyond description..
retouching is making me wana cry..
why should anyone do this to such a very promising idea..

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Thos one is funny, but ziltcho product connection. Could have done a lot more with the 'guaranteed' concept.

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what's going on with these? don't get it.

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Excelente dirección de arte, la foto está arrechisima también...Lástima, el concepto se parece a los brazos del pana que sale en la foto...no tiene músculo...será pa la próxima los míos
Viva Venezuela...

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can you all send me some of the stuff you're taking? i don't get it either! do i miss something here or is it as lame as i think it is?

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Que asco de montaje de pana se ve como de estudiante de primer año mano sigue practicando cuando tengas algo de calidad tanto grafica como de branding enseñalo esto da pena de verdad no digas que eres Venezolano nos ofendes.

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muchacho bobo, registrate para ver tu nombre y tus trabajos a ver si eres tan bueno para andar destruyendo lo que han hecho los demas.. seguro que eres apenas un estudiante porque si tuvieras experiencia en el medio sabrias que el montaje no viene la mano del director de arte sino de quien hizo el arte final

anda a ver avisitos y jalarle bolas a gente de otros paises, mientras nosotros nos mantenemos trabajando por sacar buen material con sello venezolano.. bobo

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Lo unico que puedo decir es que en Venezuela podemos hacer trabajos mucho mejor que ese! y a los picaos que tomen las criticas constructivas y no se arrechen saquenle provecho mas bien...yo se que Venezuela tenemos talento para eso y mucho mas. Y de verdad no veo coneccion entre la marce y el arte.

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dudo que tenga coneccion.. pero conexión, sí.

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Wow! que picao eres!
Osea, si hay CONEXION?
Cual? me la podrias decir?

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callate maldito hijo de puta

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