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There's no real benefit to being the physically "largest" newspaper. And these are the same thing three times - huge paper, giant, get it? Ha ha. No - it's a very weak campaign.

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maybe is not a cannes winner, but is not weak dear.
dont you never hear about metaphor?
that is why they did it with illustration...
dont take so literally.

repeat: is not THAT good, but work and art was well done.

better trans:
The largest newspaper of the North/Northeast (they forgot NEWSpaper)
in spanish, for you dear:
El periódico más importante (o más grande) del Norte/Nordeste
got it now?

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I agree... didn't like.

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I think it's good. The illustration style is not my favourite, but it stills catchs the eye. Nice
About the concept, yeah, it's something I'm not sure it's the wright thing to comunicate. I've worked for a newspaper whose format was this big DoubleSheet too, and it was something they considered their weakest point. People don't find it as confortable as Tabloid