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Making things to look like a Guiness beer is getting too predictable. It's like the Absolut bottle. Tired.

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Ivan, can you take this boring sourgrape outta here, please.

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When people start to use my login name as part of theirs, it's very flattering no matter how nasty they think they're being.
It's better to be noticed than to not be.
Yooou guuuys.

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andrej dwin
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well, they've got this longtime concept (just like absolut had).
your comment actually points out something interesting about ad creativity (or it's perception).
to be considered truly original, you have to innovate as much as possible. and having a concept isn't much of help in this respect.
on the other hand, a concept is exactly what helps the ads work in real world. because if you look at it (even if you've just seen it as a tiny thumbnail before you've clicked on it), you instantly know what it is advertising. that's what I call good creativity (among with a bunch of other criteria that has to be met first).
also, absolut, the economist, guiness, apple's think different (?)... these campaigns are the most popular among creatives and I'd go as far as to claim that's exactly because they weren't a one-off print idea, but a hell of a creative concept.

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AdArena: Sex Sells

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true. but still this is very good.

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nice. If i want to imagine the head band as froth too.

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did that man had a strong sunbath?

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Tend to agree with Davosk.
Not one of their best.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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joanna gorilla
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Agree with you, Rog

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down syndrome davosk
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Corker. Wish I'd done it.

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bara bara baez
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I has a dream ... I wish I has done it.

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The ears are a bit of a bummer... But none the less, still guinness.

iT-iS-i, like an upside down ! mark.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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