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wow. this is really horrible.

Rog's picture
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Why? It's soooo Guinness, just by glancing at it.
Simple, clear little twist through the pneumonic.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

thirty6chambers's picture
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it's not much of an idea, to say the least. they're probably better off showing me a real glass of guiness that's floating. i don't want to be drinking dirty clouds, moths or crow feathers.

Rog's picture
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It is an acquired brand (taste), 36!
Most people wouldn't like the look of it normally.
It looks like liquid Vegemite to me.

I think you're being a little too literal here.
The message is calorie/lightness.Not taste. :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

thirty6chambers's picture
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yes, i realize that. i can read. my point was that i don't want to be thinking about moths when i drink my beer. i don't know about you but i prefer the look of real guiness beer over a bunch of dirty moths and crow feathers.

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the dark/black cloud remind me the smelly polluting smoke from the nearby factory.
i thought Guinness is now targeting little girl/guy with dreams?

Rog's picture
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People. Read the taglines, please.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Chocolat's picture
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the message is crystal clear, true. Bu the art is a bit strange...grimy clouds and dusty feathers....err, maybe not! :-{

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maybe it´s irony :) but who cares about the calories when you drin beer!? yes, maybe the peoples who go to mc donalds and order salad ;)

thirty6chambers's picture
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the people who drink 100 bottles a week. but i guess the weight issue should be the least of their concerns then.

Rog's picture
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FFS. Hands up anyone who's actually HAD a Guinness.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

ivan's picture

Loving it.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Mmmmmh... Guinness. Have to say that people are taking the ad way to literal. I don't believe that the consumer will think 'dirty clouds, bah!'. Having that said, it isn't the best of Guinness beer ads.

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Idea is much more forced than past Guinness ads. I was expecting so much yet am left so disappointed.
I need a Kilkenny.

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Draught Guinness has 210 calories not 125 therefore it is not light. It is very high in calories. The ad is a lie.

mrtalented's picture
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looks like polluted beer.

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with that lineup & the equity of Guiness, I expect much much more. There's really no excuse for this kind of mediocrity.

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The idea of this Ad is to show you that guiness is lighter. This is shown using a visual metophore. Clouds are ment to be light and so is the guiness. The colour of the clouds is to make a picture of a pint of guiness.

Guiness is not a dirty drink. It has an aquired taste and has conditions at which it should be drunk.

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Rog, it's a mnemonic. "Pneumonic" suggests a lung ailment.

Mediocre for Guinness.

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