Guinness: Chris

Every man has a dark side. Guinness

Advertising Agency: BBDO Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: WF Leong
Art Directors: WF Leong
Copywriters: WF Leong
Illustrator: Edwin Ho
Photographer: Edwin Ho
Additional credits: Rick Doerr

September, 2009


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interesting visual. but not a very good ad - not a very strong connection back to Guinness. The line "Every man has a dark side" is the only thing tying the visual to the brand, and it's a tenuous connection at best. This reeks of the creatives finding some cool visuals and developing a campaign around it.

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And Guiness is a beer from the dark size? I don´t get the connection.

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Camilo Machado
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I get the connection with the beer. And I have to admit that visuals are very interesting. But the line is risky given how serious and mysterious the photo models look. They kinda have that clean cut, Christian Bale look he sported in American Psycho. Not Guinness-like at all.

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opposite of u
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i smell racism

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Beautiful image. Congrats you guys.

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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but these men here look like ladies

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that is their dark side. the fact that they are ladies inside anbd men on the outside

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great eye for details


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The visual certainly caught my eye.

Then I read the line and as a Guinness drinker I got the concept.

Why does the model look like a Scandinavian - is that what Chinese aspire to? To look foreign by drinking a foreign product?

The latest Guinness TV ad is much less feminine than these executions - as I am not familiar with the Chinese market I cannot comment on whether this is right or not, but it certainly is not consistent for the brand worldwide.

It's all a bit 'soft' for a product such as Guinness.

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