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Lee Clow
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Has to be one of the most
amazing baselines ever written.
Been allowing for great work for
so many years. Rock on.

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this is cool!
idea compliments the one in the visual!

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Once again, brilliant work from BBDO London on Guinness!


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great concept. fine solution. beautiful work.

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Hats off

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and the line really reflects the charactor of Guinness...
(when asking for Guinness, you've to wait a bit longer than other beers.)

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Because of the froth, right?? It takes longer to go down... Is that right?

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if you have never ordered one, may i encourage you to do so. it is an aquired taste, but well worth it. a tip, go with someone who knows where to get a good pour, some pubs don't give a crap about the art of pouring a Guiness.

a note on the creative, this one is the very best out of the series, the others look like "ugly sisters". (a term used here often to describe how one piece in a campaign works so much better than the other two. not trying to offend anyone)

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I agree that the other two don't even come close to this execution. THe beauty of this one is the very subtle change in Einstein. THe other two are in-your-face. There's nothin on the moon, then suddenly there's a person there. Doesn't have the subtlety that this one does, and that's what makes it great for me.

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you articulated that beautifully. thank you. :)

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Thumbs up BBDO!

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Great work. I don't expect nothing less from AMV.

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I love this one! Simply, nice and brilliant.

Cheers BBDO!

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this ones my favorite - tis great.

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Just becos it is by famous agency do not mean the idea is good.
This campaign is weakest I see before for this brand. Like work from school people.

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Sorry dude, after all the explaination, I still can't feel the greatness. How am I suppose to feel this one is great at all?

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