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so.. an example of an award winning script??

"trying too hard to be simple"

in this case = doesnt work..


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by any chance is the actual TVC of Guniess the way this copy is portrayed? in which case i think that this is a nice way of getting it across...seemingly far fetched but nice

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what does it means? Guiness is bad idea? ah ok...

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may i attempt a piece of education: this is a take on the classic Guinness 'surfer' commercial which swept the awards some years ago. (was it milton glaser?). this ad's an inside joke on the sort of challenge directors face, and focuses on the massive value-addition a great director can make. and that's what the award is all about.

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Many times the script looks this simple. Period.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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I think it's about this ad by Johnathan Glazer


a pretty awesome ad if you ask me, and a good print ad

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