julezs's picture
100 pencils

dang, i had the very same idea before but my ecd didn't think much of it :(

really nice photography & treatment! :)

ivan's picture

You had a Lion winning idea. ;)

Chris's picture
1985 pencils

its happens to every one i think.

Willey's picture
140 pencils

sorry dude! Next time!

puppiepoppy's picture
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Here's a new Motto "It's not how good you are, it's how bad your ECD is."

justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

show it to the bastard, make him feel like crap

Guest's picture

And get fired if he really is a bastard. "Never disagree with your boss. You run the terrible risk of being right."

shaft_drive's picture
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i've had that happen myself... if you feel strongly about something, do it and take it to client behind senior's backs (carefully, though). In such cases it's good to cultivate acct. mgmt - they can be useful sometimes.

axelk's picture
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it's great though. and sorry julezs :)

jonft's picture
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brighten up my day!

Maxwedge's picture
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Really nice photo, however this is what they must call 'polishing a turd.'

Guest's picture

i hope the blinds dont see this!

Andrey Vaslit's picture
Andrey Vaslit
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I like it, a lot.
but....they're saying, hey! your parents are right!! you're now a dumbass, look at you! you even can't walk!.
Like this ad n.n.

Guest's picture

Erm... this is a rubbish ad.

I'm constantly amazed at how some creatives just don't get the importance of product branding, nor how the minds of their target market works. About 70% of PSP owners are under 17. Does this ad talk to under 17s? I don't think so.

You've got a matter of seconds to get your marketing message across, and this one says: "This ad is about blind people and guide dogs." The average consumer will have looked away/turned the page, long before they get close to 'getting' this ad, which was clearly produced by people who consider winning awards to be more important than the brand they're trying to build. A classic example of adsturbation. And a waste of good client money.

Seriously Crazy's picture
Seriously Crazy
638 pencils

erm..i think your comment is a classic example of 'sour grapes'..

even if the tg is under 17s (which i highly doubt but am taking your word for it) they're not the decision makers..those who are, need to be convinced that if they are spoiling their little ones, why not do it with the best..

i think the ad positions the brand and the product brilliantly..not to mention, with a strong insight..

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awesome! (2)

Lp Gatti

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