Grupo Vhiver: Flu

I lost my job because of the flu.
What if we treated other sick people as we treat HIV positives?

Advertising Agency: Filadélfia Comunicação, Brazil
Production: Grupo Vhiver
Creative Director: Dan Zecchinelli
Art Directors: Rivadávia Coura, Lucas Queiroz
Copywriters: Flávio Chubes, Dan Zecchinelli

September, 2012


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I do think this is a major issue and commend them for trying to make a point.

I'm not sure it's the right way but haven't got a better solution. It's not terrible but won't change attitudes.

I think HIV is about fear. Even typing it makes me feel a bit awkward so tackle that.

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Fernando Fernandes
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A pior e a mais dura realidade!

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