GRT Radisson Hotels: Steak & Grill Festival, Lamb

Advertising Agency: JWT, Chennai, India
Creative Director: Senthil Kumar
Art Director: Gerald Anith
Copywriter: Gerald Anith
Illustrator: Pravin Arasu, Sivakumar Chinnasamy
Studio Manager: Hari Kumar
Account Supervisor: Priya Bharath
Published: September 2009


vinciraj's picture
50 pencils

Nice illustration and art direction

whatthefudge's picture
1268 pencils

Yeah, kinda nice illustration – but the idea?

shortafella's picture
1059 pencils

this is anti commercial. and you people stop writing nice illustration. it can be the best illustration ever. if there is no idea or the idea fucks the brand, the illustration is for absolutely nothing

helldog's picture
56 pencils

this is good for veggie organization

ShaniG's picture
17214 pencils

Exactly. For these animals, everyday is the holocaust. They are born in death-camps and raised only for their flesh.

Appolonia's picture
298 pencils

hahahahhahahaha....thats really funny! and very nice artwork :)

thedesignaddict's picture
5415 pencils

Totally don't get it, and I don't like the illustration.

Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
1808 pencils

Man this illustration sucks! Terrible art direction and layout. What's wrong with the table, how come the legs of this goat be so big? And at the same time the legs are in focus, the ground beneath is all blurred. How come?


ridzadi's picture
101 pencils

It doesn't make any sense to me at all!

Yours truly,
Assadi >)

MJStinson77's picture
601 pencils

Steak and Grill Festival... the cow/man creature is hiding so he isn't cooked up? This is the only possible explanation I can come up with for this ad, and it took awhile. Regardless of quality of the illustration the ad does not accomplish its goal, assuming it wanted people to attend the Grill Festival. | | wordjones

BulbheaD's picture
254 pencils

bad illustration, worse FA.

The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso

IRONWORKS's picture
222 pencils

Idea not too bad, Nice illustration but the animal head is too small and just wonder where is the light come from?

blackdog's picture
9 pencils

very good idea but unfortunately its not yours.

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ek kanya
814 pencils

nice stuff.

am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

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