Group T language school: Movie Quotes, 4

Any of pricks move and I'll shoot every motherfucking last one of ya
Don't learn languages through movies. Language courses.

Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Peter Ampe & Katrien Bottez
Copywriter: Tom Berth
Art Director: Geert De Rocker


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Very nice, I`ve met a lot of people who learned foreign words through movies.
Thumbs Up!

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chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

hehehe...amazing work!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Really great. Though it's 'execute', not 'shoot'.

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Exactly! Get the quote right.

I thought everyone had to learn all the quotable lines from Pulp Fiction? Isn't it the law?

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and the dialogue actually goes: "any of you FUCKING pricks move, and i'll execute every last one of you motherfuckers"
i can understand leaving the word 'fucking' out for obvious reasons.
but when you go ahead and use the word 'motherfuckers', it kinda cancels that out.

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Disco Munky
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She says the line differently at the start of the film than at the end.

you're both right......or wrong. Depends on who cares.

Doin' it for the points

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Have Heart
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Nice new twist!

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"Don't learn languages through movies?". What kind of concept is this? Was this stuff comissioned by the Anti-learning Languages Through Movies Organization, and, oh, by the way, you can have classes at wherever? It's so forced & cheesy it hurts.

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it's about improve your english by attending some course.

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Relocate to another country and you know why. People learning new languages often start picking up headlines, song lyrics, movie quotes, ... first. I find it cool, funny, nice idea.

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LOL... Love it!

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Very Very nice and Original, happy to know that this work comes from this Brilliant Agency.
Hats Off!!!!

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It's funny. Yes. For us. Who all speak the language movies usually use. English. But what's the point in advertising language courses to those who already speak it? It would be lovely to see just one campaign, that's funny to those who are the target. I mean a real campaign not only a jury pleasing for the fun's sake kinda ad.
What are u sinking about? :D

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Anybody notice the typography being strangely similar to the Menno Kluin Archive ads? Huh...

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:D ...this one really works for me!

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cool insight. funny. I learned english through movies.

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Dick Huges
937 pencils

My name is Dick Huges and I approve this ads. And to the guys paying attention to the typography: give me a break.

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the photographer is japanese or not? if he is, this ad fails. there's no point talking english to the japanese crowd.

my recommendation is to make the photographer looks japanese/asian and make the crowd look western.

nearly there!

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well this is a stock photo, you take what you get.
seems the client was either a prick or miserly and they couldn't wait to get rid of him.
taking (bad) stock photos, no further retouching, they didn't even bother to google-check if they quoted correctly!

this is really bad. they've been lazy and got away with it. this is a disgrace to Duval Guillaume (i still hope this campaign has been done by students and never really ran)

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Love this one!! hahaha

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Fantastic. Brave enough to actually print in full the word 'motherfucking' in the headline, and made me laugh. Like it v much.

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hahahaha i cant stop laughing

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