Greenpeace: Sun

Advertising Agency: Scala JWT, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Mihai Cojocaru
Art Director: Virgiliu Andone
Photographers: Virgiliu Andone, Aron Balazs
Creative Catalyst: Angela Teodorescu
Copywriter: Andreea Dragomir

July 2009


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copy is horrible

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Dev Kumar
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More than the copy, it's the very idea of the Sun as a destroyer that's revolting. The communication is W R O N G and it's just a load of nonsense. More than the hot shot agency that put together this joke I'm actually intrigued by the clients, Greenpeace and their decision to approve it. This surely didn't merit a place in here.

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I am not geting it !!

Live with Passion

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never seen sthg like that... WTF with the solar mask? So bad !

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A solar carnival mask?

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