Greenpeace: Spider

Do you know what you eat? The DNA of genetically modified plants may contain the genes of insects, animals or even viruses. These products may potentially cause harm to your health. Look for a "GMO free" sign on the package.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Andrey Illiasov
Art Directors: Giorgi Popiashvili, Fabiano Marques
Copywriter: Tatiana Moseeva
Photographer: Goran Tacevski
Published: August 2007


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Guest Who?

I thought spiders have 8 legs. Do your homework. You are putting a bad name on the great Bernbach.

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I guess it is a mutant that still has not mutated enough...just like a spiderman with just two legs.

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This is by BBDO, moron.

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Jet Lee
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Agree with Tima. Bernbach's got nothing to do with BBDO. He founded DDB.
Do your homework, dude.

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No sweet-"tarts", the art direction just would not have worked if they had gone the route of giving this rather unique spidey - 8 legs. Give it a thought and try fathom what I mean...

Not even twenty tongue rings could (beep) with my speech...

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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There is always something wrong isnt it? .. love this campaign

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If you try to please everybody, someone won't like it :) - proverb

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Who told you that's a spider? I didn't know where is this info.

Always guests...

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Done in Chile for Greenpeace

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i dunno who's doing enough homework or research at all...go check wikipedia for god sakes.... look for 'water striders'. It would be a shame if you call people morons when all of us are learning new things everyday.

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good art direction

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chill dudes, its not saying those plants contain 100% correct dna codes of insects in there so you may aswell be eating a 4 legged spider veggy thang duh...

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