Greenpeace: Rabbits

Think before you cut.

Advertising Agency: Jandl, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creative Director: Pavel Fuksa
Associate Creative Director: Eugen Suman
Art Director: Razvan Mitoiu
Copywriter: Andrei Gurau
Account manager: Martin Janik


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George Souza
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I love Jandl guy's writing style (sometimes I think it's always the same copywriter), but they have a cruel sense of humor which bothers me a little (specially in and

The agency always shows beautiful ads with delightful art - perhasps because their creative director is also an illustrator.

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Nice work. Like it very much.

certaintly's picture
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why are they all in the shapes of grenades?

or is it just me who saw it that way?

insane's picture
30 pencils

copy could be more touching and subtle , wright in the face is too dark ...

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Like it very much, nice work...specially copy.

sanjeet sanyal
'Creative Lead' Xavient Information Systems

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Klara K.
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Creative new approach, very likeable and on point. Shock value where needed.

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