Greenpeace: Pole

You are driving the poles to destruction. Show your support for Car Free Day 20009 at

Advertising Agency: Grey Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Keith Ho
Creative Directors: Brian Ma
Art Directors: Brian Ma, Leo Yeung
Copywriters: Alfred Wong, Tony Chan

August, 2009


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they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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although this one reflects the biggest problem, the other 2 are way better in terms of art...

| Everartz |

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This one is definitely the best out of the three. The line is just powerful and makes great sense. I actually think its the most clever idea in terms of art direction out of the campaign. But everartz is right, the other two are better visually, especially the one with the coastlines.

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I support Greenpeace, but these are kinda bad. The idea's there, but where do I see the cars _directly_ affecting each problem? Nowhere. I just see cars stacked together to look like the problem. I know... I know... cars are the problem... I get that, but come up with something more clever. The hurricane one would be closest to working for me (though even then if I live in a hurricane-free zone, I wouldn't give a poop). Dunno - maybe it's partly bad art direction. I don't see a ravaged coastline in the rising water levels - just a nice clean beach and blue water, and this one (from afar) looks like a calm day with clouds. They seem kinda lazy(?) and a cop-out. These make absolutely no emotional connection with the viewer.

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Inverted idea.

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Awesome man really great!


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yeah, it is inverted

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Damn, tell me something new or at least provoke me.

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