Greenpeace: Oil

Everyone's entitled to an opinion. Voice yours at

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Beijing, China
Executive Creative Directors: Andrew Lok
Creative Directors: Andrew Lok
Copywriters: Andrew Lok
Art Directors: Wilson Chow
Photographer: Corbis
Retouching: He Shi Yang

April, 2008


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3 executive creative directors were needed to produce this BS? There is hope then for the non-executive ones of us.

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What a great idea for an ad: a picture of dubbya with a whacky thought balloon. I have never seen this done before. Ever.

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Forget the execution (which i agree with everyone's comments) but WTH has this got to do with Greenpeace...Greenpeace is all about taking action, not just voicing your opinion.

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vinay pissay
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no reason to be happy about less polar ice that talks about global warming ... ssoooo
how does that speak Greenpeace

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halts maul

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geoerge w bush can suck my big cock!!!

kiss my A**

you DumAss

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Not to mention it costs more to make those oil platform doo-hickies.

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