washiam's picture
445 pencils

Like all these execution

yudi's picture
255 pencils

Ya... love all of them... very nice

Jason Meyers's picture
Jason Meyers
8 pencils

Is this done by the same people as the monster campaign? Art direction looks the same. Lazy art director...

Besha's picture
299 pencils

very touching! te hace pensar wow fantastico!

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

Absolutely lovely copy.

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

nice ad, nice art!

elmikel's picture
1147 pencils

yes, this is EXCELLENT!

Bully's picture
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Hey Meyers, account director. This lazy piece of art direction was a highly awarded campaign. That involves a high level of craft skills. Lazy comment dude.

bubblestheclownfish's picture
618 pencils

Wonderful wonderful words. Nice!

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
1148 pencils

Sounds like I'm the only person who doesn't like these. He's describing a whale, so what?

Am I supposed to act because of his poetic description?

Maybe I'm just not getting them. What's the point here?

postman's picture
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It's about these things (a whale in this one) being history in some time, so that there will be grandpas telling their grandsons what it used to be like once. (I'm not sure the grandpa example was intended here, but that's the picture which came to my mind here immediately.)

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
1148 pencils

oooh, see i didn't read it that way. To me it just sounds like someone who just saw a whale and is describing what it was like. I didn't get the impression that the whales were extinct.

Could be just me.

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Nice story telling.

"Everyday is one short life"


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They have a long history of doing scampssssssssssssssssssssss since Droga days!

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Jason Meyers
8 pencils

Hey Bully, fair enough that they are highly awarded. That wasn't my point though. I was saying that the art direction for both the monster campaign and the greenpeace are strikingly similiar. Whichever one came first, the art director should have tried a different execution style.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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There's nothing wrong for an art director to have his own signature "look" to an ad he creates.
Many awards-show favorite ADs past and present have had their particular style of designing a page.
John Doyle and Steve Luker come to my mind immediately. I used to get inspired by (read "copy") their style all the time when I was an AD.
Sometimes they would have their "pet" photographers shooting their ads over and over again...
What it all boils down to is this: Art direction should ALWAYS reflect the tone of the communication. It should also feel appropriate for the product/service/brand. Other than that, it's almost entirely up to the AD to "dream up" the look for the ad. Sometimes things end up looking very similar although they're for completely different clients. But if the art direction feels right and appropriate, I have absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. And if the work goes on to win some awards, more power to it.

I just wouldn't be so quick to label him/her as "lazy"...

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I think it feels cheap when the exact same art direction is done on different campaigns. Calling it a "signature" isn't enough. Are all his ads like this ? can get a bit borring after a while, don't you think?

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
10683 pencils

I'm not familiar with his particular style of art direction (if he HAS one).
But the thing is, I'm not here to critique someone's entire portfolio. I'm here to comment on one ad at a time (just like the audience would if they had a chance). And judging from what I see with this fantastic ad, I find nothing "cheap" about it. Just the opposite, in fact.
As an AD, you would want to show a variety in your book. But as an audience, I can only see what I see in front of me...

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Saatchi rocks!!!! awesome copy.

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