Greenpeace Mediterranean: Missile, 1

Face your power.
If you join the cyber activists you can stop more.
So today, join the thousands of cyber activists who think just like you.
Be a cyber activist, and realize how powerful you really are.
Enlarge this finger and stop all below!
Don't forget, while u act cyber, the results are real.

Advertising Agency: Safari, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Bulent Fidan
Art Director/Illustrator: Utku Turer
Copywriter: Erhan Ali Yilmaz


Martijn's picture
1890 pencils

It doesn't work for me.

The visual is in contradiction with the message. It is impossible to stop destruction with just one finger.

Yokel's picture
604 pencils

Yeah, can you imagine trying to stop a rocket with your finger?! How absurd! <_<

*/drip drip*

popdistortion's picture
1594 pencils

Superman can!

Rog's picture
6092 pencils

Hackers can.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

superguanzi's picture
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keep work hard

erhanali's picture
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The message is clear. It is impossible to stop destruction by your own. But, it is this easy to stop it if you get together as a cyber activists. So join and enlarge this finger.

"Everyday is one short life"

Davosk's picture
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Hey check out the optical illusion that the border creates, seems like the whole ad is tilting to the left. That's the only interesting thing I can see here.

What the Hell's picture
What the Hell
114 pencils

i dont like it.
too literal.
not clever.
ugly design.

sloppy4's picture
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i once stopped a man's kick with my balls.

teenie's picture
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I don't know if something's been lost in translation, but that's a lot of words to say very little. Enlarge this finger? Why - so we can REALLY stop the paper missle? And "you can stop more" - more what?

LJ's picture
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i prefer the little ad on the sidebar of the greenpeace website - where the mouse pointer "hand" pushes down the factory chimneys and they are replace with windmills. i dont know if its still thr, but that tiny ad conveys a much clearer idea of the effect of cyber activism than these.

garadassaklı maho's picture
garadassaklı maho

bunu yazan tosun okuyana kanırta ganırta dassaklarına kadar kosun...

here's picture

laaa nasıl terbıyesız hayvanmıssın sen anasının amına sokacagına adamlara sokuyn yaaa sikini gorgak alıstırma baboo

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