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Everyone's entitled to an opinion. Voice yours at

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Beijing, China
Executive Creative Directors: Andrew Lok
Creative Directors: Andrew Lok
Copywriters: Andrew Lok
Art Directors: Wilson Chow
Photographer: Corbis
Retouching: He Shi Yang

April, 2008


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guys! but y bush??....

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Wow.. "everyone is entiteled to an opinion" coming from china is feeling weird

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Everyone in China is entitled to the same opinion.

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I knew an other ad, but with the picture from Hu Jintao

"Shot some monks...
keep smiling
more natural resources for China!"

"everyone is entiteled to an opinion"...
They are afraid to use their own politician or head of state.

Using Bush is really much too simple...
He (USA) is not the only one who rip the plant. (2nd place China)

**-->If you pay with nuts you will served by monkeys.<--**

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Go to a web forum to voice your opinion ...
Exercise your right of free speech ...
And that coming from a chinese agency ...
Where have you been the last couple of weeks (or decades)? In cryo-sleep?

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bad art direction.

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harrison bruce
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Individuality is fine. As long as we all do it together.

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I'm not from China, but I still find it strange that a Chinese ad firm gets held accountable for the acts of its government - when we don't really seem to be putting down the American ad firms for what Bush has done? Just my 2 cents...

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