Greenpeace: Asteridae

Every signature helps save our seas.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Jonathan Beggs
Art Directors: Mike Martin, Jen Maestre
Copywriter: Alison Hingle
Photographer: Dean Powell

May 2008


FlyingDogs's picture
968 pencils

Ooooooh!! Killer!

gmint7's picture
2683 pencils

not killer
the idea or the line using signatures are quite done already.. by both students and agencies

still nice tho


wildbore's picture
749 pencils

Nice hard work!

brain123's picture
830 pencils

Nop, the idea seems to be just borrowed interest from the sculptures of Jennifer...

Shanty Mathew's picture
Shanty Mathew
130 pencils

Borrowed would be an understatement.

"Advertising sucks... ever so gently."

"A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself." - David Ogilvy

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

she's stated as an AD. they probably saw the work and thought to use it for Greenpeace, contacted the author who seemed to agree and get it published.

so what's the problem?

LeeHarvey's picture
3045 pencils

Have to agree with kateter, her name is on the list so she gets the credits she absolutely deserves. Great art!

Shanty Mathew's picture
Shanty Mathew
130 pencils

Just that the ads seem retro-fitted around the art.

"Advertising sucks... ever so gently."

"A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself." - David Ogilvy

How_Addy's picture
66 pencils

And you're just so sad that you didn't think of it before?

Shock, Horror! Advertising that uses the creative talents of an artist as execution (and even credits her as an AD?!?!) What is the World of advertising coming to?

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1947 pencils

At the best it is lame and uncreative to use the style of an artist. The creatives should be the artists of their ads. As always if people use stuff they see on the internet this particular illustration style has already been used by other agencies. So You all get Your work finally on Well done.

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

"The creatives should be the artists of their ads."

really? so creatives should DOP themselves, do the editing themselves, draw a graffiti themselves if they need it in the background, do the make-up themselves, do the 3D animation themselves etc.?

so what is creative business? tiranny of the team or colaboration of various talents?

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

This is not what I meant. If the artist has already created works which were built out of pencils this idea is already done. Where is the creativity in using this idea again? Putting a logo on it?

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

but the agency gave it the NEW idea. before putting claim and logo on the visuals it was just fascinating artwork with different meaning. now it's the advertising idea.

the artist says this on her website:
"It all comes from one idea I had for a box with a secret compartment that would contain a pearl. The box would be shaped like a sea urchin, made of silver. In order to open the box and reveal the secret compartment, you’d have to pull on one of the urchin’s spines. The idea was of something beautiful, sculptural, but that you wouldn’t necessarily want to touch, and that also held a secret treasure."

putting logo and claim on it changed the whole context, you see?

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

It was not only "just fascinating artwork with different meaning". This is conceptual art. She speaks about the meaning and intentions of her art pieces. The "advertising idea" made around the art pieces is shallow and boring in my opinion. What makes me wonder repeatedly is that the artists in this and other similar cases are willing to cooperate with agencies.

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

OK, now you're going in totally subjective way.
now it's a matter of taste. I think exactly the opposite.
but... your opinion, my opinion, agree to disagreee :-)

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

Yes. I wanted to write that as well. :)

everartz's picture
7609 pencils

stunning, but i dont like the emptiness in the artwork :S

| Everartz |

CGilb09's picture
572 pencils

I am so bored with cool ideas thrown onto clean, white backgrounds. What's the point of having AD's if that's going to be the format for everything?

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

jsptrck404's picture
437 pencils

while i don't totally disagree with you, i think that's part of the point here. the uncompleted ocean scene means there's more work to be done. because more signatures, means more ocean would be saved (and more ocean you'd see in the ad).

if there was a completed picture, then logically, that would mean they have enough signatures to have saved what they set out to, and what would be the point of the ad then? the white here makes perfect sense as a call to action.

| think small |

ivan's picture

The point is to know when to use which treatment. Not everything works with white background.

missed my turn's picture
missed my turn
426 pencils

But who's going to save our colored pencils?

brain123's picture
830 pencils

Yeah, let's cut down trees to make colored pencils so we can save the sea!!

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

but if you sign too much everything disappears (according to this idea)

cherrydarling's picture
28 pencils

amazing art, but nobody sings with colored pencils...

brain123's picture
830 pencils


mauricio1828's picture
13 pencils

all i can say is: I luv it

Zeus's picture
906 pencils

congratz...excellent work!!

totalcrap's picture
34 pencils

Gorgeous, but borrowed (stolen?) concept. Please at least credit the artist who created these amazing sculptures (as art, not as advertising) that are being used. To the rest of the creative team, good find.

ChuckNorris's picture
834 pencils

She's clearly in the credits.

doworkson's picture
242 pencils

who the fuck signs a petition in colored pencil?

ivan's picture

Good point, but the concept would work equally well with pens. Wood is just a more natural texture to use.

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

really not communicating the wanted message.

markfoo's picture
8 pencils

congratz jennifer, your work is beautiful.

the ad is... ok.

j2mango's picture
534 pencils

its from a artist!!!!!!!!
stop steal ideas from artists pls

miko1aj's picture
3086 pencils

before accusing read credits, or at least comments, that You'd know what's really happening in here.

stitchy's picture
779 pencils

brilliant work

OMaxweller's picture
79 pencils

Very nice art direction. Very clean. Very simple. Very impactful. Good work.

bobthebuilder's picture
57 pencils

Beautiful art Jen... can't say the same about the direction MR Art Director.

NatalieM's picture
1685 pencils

Great art! Simple and clean.

sebarestless's picture
116 pencils

Unfortunate immitation of Amnesty's, indeed. There, signatures were saving lives. Here, crayons are saving the seas. Oh-kay, if u say so.

Everyonesgotone's picture
3 pencils

It'd be different if they commissioned her to make something new for them. But to just pop a logo and a line on art is poor quality.

Spinnaker's picture
98 pencils

An absolutely stunning campaign! Well done.

Guest's picture

This is completely scam...

This campaign never flighted, but was placed in some back alley publication to make it worthy of entering...

The Kimberley Diamond Fields Gazette...

Ogilvy Johannesburg has the reputation of doing this on many occasions...

I have to say O&M Jo'burg are more interested in their reputation than doing authentic work...

If you have to do that to win, shame on you...

And it's not the first time either...

Shove your egos up your arses...

As for the idea, it is good, but totally bogus...

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