Greenlife: Sumona

These set of posters were designed to de-vilify Rehab centres and the stigma attached to them thanks to traditional posters painting drug abusers in a negative light...further lowering their esteem. Harsh words also meant harsh treatment and further discouraged people from seeking professional help. Our posters, literally changed all of that. It was designed to show how the Rehab centre viewed the situation, not as a criminal problem but just an addiction one.

Advertising Agency: Bitopi Advertising Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh
Creative Director / Copywriter: Vedobroto Roy
Art Director / Illustrator / Typographer: Md. Quratul Ayin Shohel

December, 2012


EtaKi's picture
121 pencils

Lots of hard work for Md. Quratul Ayin Shohel. Nice art.

Abhi ar's picture
Abhi ar
6 pencils

It shows lots of hard work and passion...good work!!

Archi's picture
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Beautiful ART!!
Nicely done.... Gud idea!! Many better ways to put it too.

Rushi's picture
6 pencils

Super... Cool man!!
Cool arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!

Bhairav's picture
6 pencils

Looks good but still...

eins-eins-null's picture
894 pencils

i like it. but without explanation, and especially if i'd be drugged, i wouldn't understand anything.

EtaKi's picture
121 pencils

ha ha ha it should work even better when I am drugged...i am sure to remember it ha ha ha

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777 pencils

Really Nice design and art direction

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