Green Korea United: Hand

We are drowning. Rescue us from global warming.

Advertising Agency: Daehong Communications, Seoul, S.Korea
Art Director: Kim, Junghwa
Copywriter: Lee
Illustrator: Lee, Juyong
Published: March 2008

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Nice second layer visuals on both of these, but the typography could use a little more work.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Guest commenter02

Not another idea against global warming+

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Crisp One
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Its not like its anti smoking where were all thinking " blah blah, cancer...we get it", its anti " hey everybody, lets not destroy ourselves" No shame in trying to remind anybody about that.

Now, the ad has beautiful art direction, respect.

Noticed the shadows of the island on the water look a lil weak, and do something with the logo so it isnt such an eye sore, looks like its just slapped on there.Burning the edges is a lazy way to ease the logo into the design.

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Guest commenter

no kidding. all these ads are (and the millions just like them) are semi-clever, visual representations of the world drowning. yeah, we know. we get it. how many of thee campaigns do we really have to see. this is laaame.

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Okay, I have enough.

"Not another global warming ads"? Why? Should we come to you first before we advertise for a certain client? Is the idea of global warming so tiring for you that you don't want to see or hear anymore about it? Are you also sick of laundry detergent and soap ads? "There are just too many, stop selling them all ready!" And how many Global Warming ads have you seen from Korea? A lot means more than 5.

Global Warming is a big issue. I'm sorry you are tired of it, but I know for damn sure there are a lot less Global Warming ads than car ads, that you have to agree. And how many cars can one person own in two years? Yet, there are so many ads for cars, more than the number of ads for soft drink and shampoo, something people buy frequently. Every time the TV goes to the commercials, at least two car ads come up. And so people buy more cars, they build more roads, there's no place to park, and the oil is running out. If there is any justice in the world there should be Global Warming ads at least half the amount of car ads that is out there. I don't care if it's only "semi-clever", anything that get the message across. Remember, very few people profit from anti-Global Warming movement (if they can profit from it, the government will be all over it), it's a miracle we have this many ads out there.

Now with that out of the way, I like this one. World drowning is nothing new, but this is kind of neat in that it reminds me of the recent news about Maldives.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Couldn't agree more with you on global warming ads.

We have made our clients dedicate a certain percentage of their adspend towards 'global warming warnings' telling them that if they did not do it, they will look like they have no issues in abusing the earth.

The ad: Execution is clever but typo cud be bettered.

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I suggest you look to the source, people who hide behind "guest commentator" to make their specious points. And these are the same people who laugh and giggle when you point out that every car ad made in the last two decades is the same, over and over again.

However, having said that, they *do* have the point that many of these approach the problem from the same point of view. If these ads suffer from anything, it's a lack of creativity in the core message, which tends to get stridently predictable after the first dozen viewings. The execution may vary, but the *concept* is always the same -- which suggests that perhaps it's time for a new look at the message itself. The problem now isnt so much that global warming exists but the lack of any kind of real solution, and that's where these ads flounder. Most people dont understand concepts like carbon footprint. Most people dont understand why a CFL bulb shouldnt be thrown in the trash like reguar lightbulbs. The emphasis, IMHO, now should be turning from the problem (which we all know) to the solution (which we dont).

Then maybe we wouldnt get the "lame" comments. :)


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Guest commenter

i dunno where is it.

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Guest commenter

simple and nice.

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Guest commenter

Does SeanMartin ever have anything good to say? I've looked at a number of different ads and he's always first to pipe up with his 2 pence worth of half witted criticism. And what is with that dumb comment as his sign off. Is it meant to be funny? Think you need to work on your headline there buddy...

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Crisp One
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Sean Martin has plenty good to say when good is merited.

And at least I sign my comments with my own name. Pity you cant do the same, bucko.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Speaking about oneself in third person is very egotistical.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Javier Ramírez
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Increible. Muy nuevo recurso

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Debasis mata

Every time i like to see kind of well looked, i meen quite beautifull ads. Which fulfil perticular this ad. Great thinking and well creation.

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Tina Dev
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Hi sean M'

What does 'bucko' mean ? I find myself referring the dictionary ven'ever U use a new word.It is not in Oxford Advanced' . May be I need another Dict' .

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really nice but the text should have been larger

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really nice but the text should have been larger

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very very very very very very NICE.

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