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Missing insight. Don't you highlight parts of a book and not the whole thing? Well executed though.

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Exactly my point

If you have to highlight every page, wouldn't that negate the need for a highlighter?

Good is the enemy of great.

Good is the enemy of great.

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There are a few highlighted words or lines on every page. The glow is the combined effect of all those.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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i guess it is supposed to show the marked passages so well, you can see them even if the book is closed. doesn't make it better though. ad for ad people.

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I understand from this ad that the higlighter is so powerfull it makes the whole book glow, it doesn't necesseraly mean every passage in the book is highlighted. Visually very appealing in my opion.

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Just what I was about to say.

Nice work.

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This is the best, it´s a nice work

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Best one of the series, i mean the best executed ... or ...

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Dalbir Singh
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Samething's been done for toothpaste, nail polish, washing powder, paint....


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Fresh and new. Made me wanna buy it.

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This is very good ad. This is a photo that is highlighted green in some part by the highlighter. The book doesn't actually glow because every page in the book is highlighted (although at first glance it does appear that way).

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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i like it except the way to place the packshot.it's like you don't wanna show it.

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