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Stealing office humour e-mails and turning them into ads is a crime.

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why? because you haven't thought of it? or because it was forwarded million times and you dont want it to "belong" to a certain company? i saw all of them at only a week ago, it's still funny anyway. i understand that they didn't come up with those jokes, but they found a good way to apply the existing joke to advertise their services. itit's really annoying, that this website is becoming a place for internet detectives: "done!" "check this out!", "seen before here!" and so on...


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super calibara
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Butch art thou.

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that is JUST a very VERY bad school i gess. they dont even have ideas for their oun publicity... so, i think it is not a good example of "creativity" for them, how is supposed to teach creativity if they dont have it

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well, lets accept the "influence" of those images like "normal", ok? (to not called another thing worst)

now: the creative school should not incentivate creativity to give WRONG answers for ANYTHING, am i right?

if they want to do something good at least once, what about show us some creativity way to resolve every problem posted here with a RIGHT ANSWER?? About that?

shame, shame, shame.

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jaws of wan hoon
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Grapes of Wrath talk .... YAWN.

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Maybe this team needs to join the school.

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jajaja i agree, but another school, maybe some one in brazil

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Guest commenter

i'm graduating from this college and am personally disgusted by this piece of advertising on our behalf. i can't believe that anyone could've signed off on this!!! and why, in the first place, is jupiter drawing room doing our advertising for us?!

however the level of creativity at AAA is more than exceptional, at least most of it is [you can't account for some people] and our track record proves it, anyway, whoever signed off on this campaign had no forethought or understanding in my mind.

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Is this by the Saki who lived with a Mark and Ruth many years ago?

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I was in the room when these were approved and I know what happened.

Did anyone ever think that maybe these guys were asked to mock it up just the way it is?

Now for the rest of you who seem to think you always know best. Y don't u post up some work of your own and let's see where you come?

The only reason everyone wanted to "kill the guy who did it" like there's only one name on that ad, is because he was clever enough to figure out a way to use them before anyone else did.