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jesus! what's happening today? the third ad in a row thats more than weak..

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It's subjective.

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Cash White
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Smart and simple.

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For the latter word I totally agree with you, but anything else... emmm I can't say!!

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Yeah, smart and simple is right. Let's keep in mind, it's a pizza shop and this is considerably better than the Domino's Noid.

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the say thin crust pizza and show an italian flag with a thin white (vertical) stripe. that stripe is in the middle. why is that supposed to be smart?

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pizza was created in Napoli and the colours would represent the italian flag. Basil stands for green, the paste for white and tomatoe for red. So the white thin stripe should be the crust.
A bit tricky maybe.

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Yeah this makes no visual sense whatsoever. How is the white portion of the flag supposed to represent the curst? Sorry guys.

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I like it. If we think too much about "how the white portion of the flag represent..." we'll lost the sense of the ad allways. It's just a nice "pizza ad",

joadvertacing START NOW !(R)

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You know what?!...

...I like it.

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One Show material 3-4 years ago. Very solid ad for a neighbourhood pizzeria. Should pick something up at a local.

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super calibara
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Click, click .... clit.

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So simple and effective..

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So simple and effective..

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simple good idea

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special k
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it is simple.
I like it more than pepperoni pizza.

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i think it's simple and memorable.
ok, maybe it's not a gold lion, but hey, it's a good ad!

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like it bro, short and sweet!

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Okey anyway, but did you all thought about any pizza with looking at that ad ? missed ad ...

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GAWDDDDDDD... crappy!!!!

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Simple. Works. Probably not a FAB Award - but nice.

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