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Mtl Dave
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Again, why I don't have a kung fu school as client? It's so great! RESPECT.

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Nice but the same idea does exist for Mercedes AMG in France (Springer&Jacoby)!!!

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Great idea, nice Art Direction!

It's nice to see Karate school ads that don't just show something chopped in half.

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Nice idea.
Love the art direction too.

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Yeah nice ad, good to see it running in Ny mags too. Would have loved to see something better with the logo treatment though, like part of Wah Lums name or something. Yeah yeah, everyones a critic.
Nice ones boys!

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haha.. this is lame! interesting concept, the execution is rather well done too, though in my opinion, it could have been improved a little if the graffati fitted in with the concept.

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It took a few seconds for the concept to sink in. Probably because it's Monday
morning. Good one.

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nice and funny.

but, is this the right thing for the school? Will parents send their kids for training here, when he advertise that he's a bully and beats the hell out of grafitti kids?

but agin, i chuckeled when i saw it. I hope that people will see past this and just love this ad for its originallity and funnynes, as i do :)


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drunk dave
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What a great idea. LOVE IT. But the shot looks totally photoshopped. Why didn't they actually build a sign for the place? And what's hapening to the road? Is this a new style of art direction that I just don't get.

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Niiice! ...nuff said.

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very nice and...well, i am back. missed ya fellas :)

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Welcome back! :)

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Har har har. Yep... funny. Good one. Although the bully comment is justified even though I guess that most people won't think of that.

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Love the idea!

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Guest commenter

great advert! was guessing if its real ... got it there on good idea!

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Guest commenter

great advert! was guessing if its real ... got it there on good idea!