Governo do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte: Focus

Seeing the end of the line is our focus.
Be a cornea donor. Give life to the eyes of those who need to see better.

Advertising Agency: Art&C Comunicação, Natal, Brazil
Creative Director / Copywriter: George Wilde
Art Director: George Rodrigo
Photographer: Giovanni Sérgio
Illustrator: Fabrício Cavalcante
Published: July 2013


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The blurred images and the display type were both cool. The visual execution as a whole could have been made more interesting. The emotional appeal of the Text type was weak. Why does she specifically needs to see better: does her career require strong eyesight, how has her lack of eyesight affected her life?

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What?...I guess someone didn't read the whole text. But I still see it weak.

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What a crappy ad.

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I like it!

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Of course you like it, you probably did it.

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