May 2009
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Don't swallow other people's smoke. Smoke free ambient: is everyone's right.

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Hello all, just wanted to begin speculation and address this.. im interested in what you think.. maybe you'll agree?

First off, in my opinion, it seems as if this ad may have slightly backfired on the promoting agency.

It comes to my attention that the women is in fact gorgeous. Im not entirely sure that this was the correct way to approach a second hand smoking ad.
Although second hand smoke doesn't directly damage ones outer appearance, I believe a lesser looking individual is needed to get the severity and harshness of such exposure across.
It is almost showing that beautiful women are conceived from unhealthy smoke filled practices. With an underlying message of enhancing bodily image, women could infer that beauty will result from smoking.
It also appears as if cigarettes are as satisfying if not more satisfying than a large juicy cheeseburger. To me, cheeseburgers are a very popular and enjoyed food. Once again, not their best effort.
Inquiring even deeper, these cigarettes could even be mentally substituted by the viewer for a more common cheeseburger topping, with nearly the same visual appearance, french fries.
Yes the cigarette butts are disgusting in look, but one will immediately picture a more desirable cheeseburger and relate the two. Thus, generating an inner feeling of acceptance.

They are in fact, unknowingly misleading individuals that cigarettes are not only youth granting, and beauty providing, but also delicious in taste.

Maybe i am probing too far past the advertisements primary intentions, but in my opinion, the ad shoots itself in the foot.
Visually striking and appealing, but not properly executed.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts.
I appreciate any further discussion related to my views on this said ad.


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