Gorilla Ladders: Indoors

Take the ground with you.
To find out more about our full range of ladders.
Visit gorillaladders.com.au or call 1300 362 393

Advertising Agency: Showpony, Adelaide, Australia
Creative Director: Parris Mesidis
Art Director: Manuela Ortiz
Copywriters: Andrew Bensley, Parris Mesidis
Photographer: Gary Sheppard
Published: September 2010

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Libor Oubrecht's picture
Libor Oubrecht
309 pencils

I didn't get it..

HappyHour's picture
2387 pencils

That's embarrassing.

Guest's picture

nice idea
im terrified when im on a ladder
can't work that way

Guest's picture

i like it

Guest's picture

come on junior copy!!!! think again!

Dzsoi's picture
5269 pencils

lol I had the same comment at the other one! but the concept and the visual is good imho

Guest's picture

Love it. Cool idea for what is a boring subject

Guest's picture

Love it

andyStock's picture
666 pencils

There is something in this. Not sure it has been executed as well as it could've but I kinda like it.

Guest's picture

I never knew that's what ladders are for.

mark3r's picture
1940 pencils

The execution is nice the layout is what bugs me a little, cool concept.


Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5497 pencils

Yeah, but... it doesn't need the headline.

Will Think for Salary

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

This is hardly outside the box thinking. Average concept. Predictable headline. Execution is good though. 4 stars.

Kamikaze777's picture
119 pencils

Despite all the negative comments, I kida like it. At least the art it's well done.

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