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whats with the grey?

why not make it look like a real sign.

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yes same question ?

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because it's cheap, easy to make or simply just a sign of bad direction.

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hm ........

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yea wats with the grey. Its a vehicle right, then show it to me! Nothing stunning. If there was an idea, i guess it would take the audience a long time to catch it.

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art nice. idea overdone.

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i like this. and without a doubt paste-on-wall worthy.

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I dun understand it

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The whole idea, i think, is that the jeep is being driven i an area where Gorillas reside, which is obviously a jungle. They're just trying to tell us how rugged the jeep is. Nice idea, but bad execution.

Doing what I do best!

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Nice ad. The idea is quite apparent if u ask me. I don't mind the grey either. If it was done full colour u'd get people saying it looks familiar and old. It think it's a minimalist and confident approach.
thumbs up from me.

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I`m agree with u boglo, and I love the idea and execution.

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Seeing that everyone is wondering why it is grey this ad has already prooven its point. It's different. Unexpected.
Why bore the viewer with something realistic looking? I like this ad because it is grey! The idea is solid and the strategy is completely on target and very Jeep. Great job, I salute you!

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gray is looking good but is that revelant?

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The fact that it is in Grey is irrelevant I feel, cos at the end, everyone knew exactly what it was. It's a roadsign
and everyone got that part.

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hmmmm....i'm not really stunned.

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