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I don't mean to be unrespectful, but I think this ad is based on a prejudice that has been very harmful already, and only helps to make it bigger. I think those kind of ads shouldn't be accepted by any client! The others examples are good.

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I'm agree with @arturodorado. Too much.

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So, the sushi rolls are about to blow up. Amateur advertising.

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God no!

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I was about to praise these prints, until this happen. sorry

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if they found true insights it would be great, but the used sterotypes are not good.
i'm also not impressed by the artwork. but the thinking behind this campaign is good.

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I agree that the thinking behind this campaign is pretty great. But WTF is up with the visuals they decided to go with? The Lolita one is disturbing as well. That's NOT a good thing.

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Good idea. But how can I believe the hidden below is true?

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