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Could there possibly be an easier way to find such obvious things. Yes, Google!

Love these ads from concept to copy and execution.

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heheheh! funny!!!

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Direct... really like the way they put the caption.... good work....

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Why google needs ads? Isnt that waste of time, bedsides that it is really easy client. They could show sthg hillarious!

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Is this an ad by an agency for Google? One may still not find it. I would suppose the word "Ring" should be in the search box. And the tag line - shouldn't it be elsewhere in the ad?

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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gud one !


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Really... this is about finding oft lost items, like rings and keys and remotes? And that relates to online search how?

Sorry guys, these are well-done, but way, way off.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Did a student make these?

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Sirvan, you're crazy, man.

Amazing ad. Congratulations guys.

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Oh, you can find stuff with Google. What an insight! C'mon guys.

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Totalmente de acuerdo contigo. El recurso de objetos perdidos no tienen nada que ver con el sistema de búsqueda de Google. En cuanto a la dirección de arte, la elección de los ambientes blancos me parece certero, y los retoques o montajes, se nota que están fuera de contexto. Ni siquiera por ahi me la creo.

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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your guys' photoshop really needs some work

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Nice simple ads, although they don't really work. I'll go with this being spec work.

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3 years ago I saw the same ad from Argentina, same concept, execution, idea and art direction. It was student work, and I think this is too. Coincidence? The link, coming soon.

- how many points should I get to avoid the word verification?

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Photoshop and english lessons needed.

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Simple, clear and intelligent. Great exercise in simplification. Ads for google could go anywhere. I love these have stayed true to s simple, clear minded thought.

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i love these too litrl ads LOL :)

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'Find more easily'? I think that's a poor line. Could have been written better.

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similar ads done for (I think for philips lights) where a huge eye lens had been shown on the floor. a huge needle under bed

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Could there possibly be an easier way to find such obvious things. Yes, Google!

Love these ads from concept to copy and execution.


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