Google: Keys

Art Director: Victor Holanda
Copywriter: Zeca de Oliveira

June, 2009


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Like 'em. Everything said visually.

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Lovely ads... gets the message across straight away.

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love it!

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Victor e Zeca! o vosso trabalho é magnífico mas a sombra da chave maior...será que foi bem "photoshopada''?
(victor and zeca! your work is pretty nice but the biggest key shadow... was it well "photoshoped"?)

theres something between the light from the window and that shadow, that doesnt make sense!!

But great idea any way!!

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Lovely.. Google is Google always.................. :!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Very similar to many GPS campaigns which show the destination really large. Also, wasn't there a campaign to locate pets with huge dogs and cats sitting on city maps?
seems pretty derivative

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Oh, you can find stuff with Google. What an insight! C'mon guys.

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These don't really make any sense.

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These don't make any sense.

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You're just too slow, believe me.

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Oh I get it if I miss place my keys just search Google. Not great and no agency given I see.

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ad ghost?

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This ad could easily go on:

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Wrong strategy: Every search engine gives you ease, even Yellow Pages.

Google gives you accuracy or relevance.

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I disagree. As the market leader, google has more right to the generic position than anyone else. Taking the generic position before anyone else is a sound branding strategy. Let the other players dig for the more convoluted positionings you are suggesting.

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You said it: It's a GENERIC position. What makes this a Google ad and not a Yahoo ad or a Microsoft ad or a Yellow Pages ad? Did finding more easily or finding more accurately make Google the market leader? Does this ad reinforce Google's position and strength?

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Yes. When I think 'find it', I think google. This ad reinforces my existing perception that google is the first place to look for anything. What more SHOULD I think?

Heck, yahoo is a client and I use google a half dozen times a day and yahoo never. I stick my claim that taking the generic position is a very good strategy. Coke = refreshment. Kodak = colour. Post It = remember it. When you are market leader, sit squarely in the middle of the largest segment.

I just want to find stuff. I use google.

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Do you use Google because it finds things, or it finds the right things? If both Yahoo and Google find things, why do you use Google?

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Sure, as market leader you can afford to take the higher ground ...

But let me ask you: Yahoo finds things too. Why do you use Google? If two products find things, why choose one over the other?

All sodas offer refreshment. Coke offers Happiness, or the Coke side of life--it offers something more than refreshment. Should Coke dilute itself by bringing itself down to the level of any refreshing liquid? How does that differentiate Coke? Kodak doesn't offer colour, it offers a moment worth remembering/saving (Sony Bravia offers colour). Does Post It = Remember It, or the security of knowing something is there WITHOUTremembering it? If you remembered it, why use Post It?

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Not bad campaign... talking about insight would be foolish... cause there is just one...

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