Google: Graveyard

Know before you go

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Adrian Ely
Copywriter: Daria Artamonova
Art Director: Adrian Ely, Victor Zerzele
Retoucher: James Lucas / Lime House Creative
Photographer: Jonathan May

October 2011


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Lazy.... really don't like the art

Anzor's picture
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exactly what kind of feed back the word "lazy" gives you ?

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only the sex-shop works, because the 2 others are no streetview sights... but the sex-shop works well;)

ladybug2535's picture
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What sex shop? I don't see anything about a sex shop in this ad.

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mitali prasad's picture
mitali prasad
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ok.....this ad is tha d copy,,,,but it's spooky....!

velle's picture
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BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! this is like a BAD BAD joke for travellers...
enjoyed the ad, tho.

ladybug2535's picture
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That's exactly the point of the ad.

Publiz's picture
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Love it ! Good jobs Google

Inspiration graphique et publicité créative : Publiz

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this is funny...i really like it

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The point in the ad is well made. I'd stay there, graveyards don't scare me. I especially liked the touch saying that artists and writers "haunt" the place. I could see that, it has atmosphere. Good for inspiration. Then again, artists and writers aren't your average tourists. :) If the advertisers wanted to REALLY make the point they would have chosen (or made) a house that was even more delapidated than this one. This ad is based on the horror stories of travelers making discounted reservations or booking low-cost travel packages. With Google you can SEE the place you are reserving, and read the reviews before you get trapped. Forever.......

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