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Google earth doesn't need to advertise and even if it did, it wouldn't be in magazines. Sorry, nice try.

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True! Google Earth might not need to advertise but if they really did, why wouldn't Google Earth spend it on magazines? Hey! after all, they've got all the money in the world...they could even advertise it on ur butt too man...C'mon other than giving that comment why not try giving a constructive comment. i think that would be more beneficial.

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It is just trying too hard... besides being a fake... an ABSOLUTELY FAKE AD... no real benefits of G-Earth.

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very boring

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nice graphic idea. only, u could have stuck a better client to it.

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Nice idea. Maybe Google dont need this, but its a cool idea anyway.

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bad idea

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so fake.
i don't like the idea anyway (what's the benefit? change my perspective? what for??), and to say google earth needs a magazine ad... come on.

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do not get it

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