Goodyear: Jennifer

Stop at the right time.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer / Executive Creative Director: Tomas Lorente
Creative Directors: Tomas Lorente
Art Director: Axel Levay
Copywriter: Renato Ramalho

January 2009


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What did she do? I could google it but I am far too entranced by this website.

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Wen you disobey the law (car speed) you can commit a crime (kill someone). I dont like the "approach" of this ad, Y&R can do much better work.

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get lost, this is genius. we are the champions.

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I don't think. Jennifer would have to stop her sentence where is the "dot".

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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this is pretty smart but i agree, the "approach" doesn't seem to be in harmony with goodyear.

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Agreed. Good concept, wrong product/brand to use it with. If it was for something like the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" or "Deal or No Deal" game shows you could use the line and then say "Think before you do something stupid" or "quit while you're ahead"

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good idea.
sloppy art diection.
takes too long to work out whats happening, and my eye doesnt know where to go.

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The concept is ok, like Jumo said: Jennifer would have to stop her sentence where is the "dot".

People should know when to stop.
That's it.

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not bad idea. but for goodyear tires? uuh, strechted

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this has been stolen from a student work...shame on you guys!

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If it's stolen, shame on'em. It's far better then the student's, but shame.

Nevertheless, it's still an incredible idea. I guess there are better ways to design it, but it works this way.

And i think it's edgy to address a safety issue stating that you can disobey the law and not get caught. I think it's bold. I like the approach, everything is too politically correct.

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Abhisek Roy
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We expect better work for Goodyear, this ic very mediocre stuff.

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