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I don't get it! Sorry… please help!

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you have to imagine the faces are cars with goodyear tyres. on the left the cars with the people inside go really fast, that's why you don't see the face. you can only see them when they stop. and they stop really quickly and really good thanks to their tyres. in front of a ball (cause where's a ball there's kids), a dog, or whatever the third is. you can see the face distinctly only when it stopped.

i hope i managed to explain it in an understandable fashion...

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haha... okay...
nobody will get it like you just said. when they drive by... looking at it for about 4 secs. or is there a
sign with additional explaination next to it... like in a museum?
this is to slow to complicated... needs a clearer exicution, but this is just waste of money for goodyear...

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woow you sure did explain that well !! I would not have got it without it ...

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Like it.

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nice idea

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why the sky?
why not road?

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otrova gomas
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bueno. pero deberia haber una carrtera.

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aviso de publicistas para publicistas

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Many times I've executed this effect of dragging pixels the width of the canvas, but I could never seem to make it work. For some reason, the finished product just looks like a Photoshop filter.

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Totalmente de acuerdo caju, a Barthaburu le encanta hacer eso siempre: "prints de premio"... eso qué?