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hmmmmmmm, ok!
but to be conceptless the image has to be more conceptual. Maybe the fire thing that i don´t remember the name should be the only thing in the ad! Nice problem/solution ad thou!

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to be technical this isnt a problem solution ad. It's more of a hyperbole.

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Agree with you squirrely. It's not a problem/solution ad at all.

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why is it that a lot of the ads being posted in here have almost the same wall paper? like that you see in hotels.

Arnold Santillan

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that sort of pattern is very popular right now...i see it all over the place as well, in all sorts of senarios.

nice idea, for a hot sauce, tho.

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Juan Carlos Jav...
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Come on! is a first idea, right path just need to keep walking

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Something similar has been done.
The office guy eating a burger with tabasco and the smoke detector is throwing water all over the place.

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it's a harmless flame? It's a good way to make an insurance fraud (the fire alarm didn't work!!!)? It's flaming chilly sauce yet you don't want to disturb the neighbour... So... Is there anyway that we could make hot sauce without even referring to hot and cold hyperbole? It's so lame....
But nice try though....

Trying to retire ad-man

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chintan ruparel
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made me smile..

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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sheesh... how cld anyone come up with this??

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it's ok

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