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Modal Writer
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cool visual solution, very nicely done

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wow - cool ad.
nice job ahmad.

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consumer: hey! that's a cool ad... isotops looks like a bee hive.

mikelite: are u kidding me?

consumer: No, I really like it.

mikelite: Seriously? Snore...

consumer: Why not? It tells me that the honey is natural.

mikelite: Sure, if you want to have something that's been done to death. This idea is soooooo 80s.

consumer: Huh? You mean I shouldn't like it?

mikelite: Yeah, it's a rip-off from a One Show call-for-entries ad.

consumer: Huh? I haven't seen it.

mikelite: Seriously? You should start reading some Award Annuals. Where have you been dude? Seriously.

consumer: Huh? 'Award' what?

mikelite: Dude, do you want to be taken seriously or what?

consumer: I just like the ad. Might pick up the honey next time I need it.

mikelite: Sureeeee... if that's all you want to pick up. Ain't gonna pick up any awards.

consumer: Dude, it's just an ad. Not the solution for world peace.

mikelite: Snore.

consumer: Whatever dude. Ad people are weird.

mikelite: And what's with the formulaic product as a logo at the bottom right? So predictable.

consumer: What's your problem dude? I just want some honey.

mikelite: Seriously? Snore.

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed are fictional. Any resemblance to any real adperson is purely coincidental.

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instinctive tra...
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BRAVO! There's nothing like banging the nail on the head, once in a while. Because more often than not, we tend to forget that advertising is the art of persuasion. And think of it as just art. : )

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Kudos, my friend..!! well done !!

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Hear hear!! Well spoken!! People on these fForums get so catty and pompous, when really most of these are actually pretty inventive ads. I imagine it's perspective, and when you really have your head lodged in ads all day, "New" is important. but the average consumer is literally inundated by ads, most of which do not penetrate the brain. All it takes is one new telling of an old idea to catch on.

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Nice one! Like the art. simple. well done

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gud one

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there is a need for people to draw the line between winning awards and wooing the consumers. if u run after the awards at the expense of your target group, it's only a matter of time before your brand hits the rock bottom. the morale of this comment is BALANCE. and i think this ad has it.

(Always Trigger-Happy)

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Yeah whatever. Go and win some awards.

AWA (Always Wanking Away)

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right said ivanlim, there many (particularly creatives) in the ad industry who forget why they are in it and what they get paid for. the ad works well.

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basically a nice visual, BUT...

i don't like it. forget about the awards, i just think it looks damn boring and many other people who hated chemistry would think the same (provided they would think about it at all and not just turn the page).
plus this background colour is awful, it looks like a yellowed page of these old chemistry school books.
it could really use some fresh colours.

to me this one doesn't say "natural", it rather says "weird (chemical) combination of molecules >>i told you i know nothing about chemistry>> with some vitamins added.

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Now THATS hitting the nail on the head. well done addyhoch10.

Good night ladies.

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simple and clear ad. communicates the benefit bang on. the art direction though is dated.

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Good thinking!

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Not creative enough to win awards, not visually exciting enough to draw the attention of the consumer.

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hey you are facing a real brain drain...

ignore stupid comments guys. nice ad.

bthway "brain drain" how many awards you have in your pocket???

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clever and simple

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