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bad photoshop work and the translation is wrong, 'lose fear of the rough'...and would reading this magazine really make me lose my fear of all these things if i were a golfer?...i doubt it..any golfers out there?...what do u think?

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i'm just not getting the point of these. show me a picture of overgrown grass with a lion and put a line that reads 'lost fear of rough'? what does that mean? is the idea that these are visual metaphors for the rough, the bunker, etc? pretty weak connection, if that's the case.

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Swing and a miss.

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in argentina some golf courses have lions, and by reading this magazine you'll know the turfs around better? WILD guess here!

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pretty poor, not clear and poorly photoshopped

We're going to need more lube.

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IDEA: ok.

PHOTOSHOP: poor. (The lion, skull and shark have a different illumination, they shouldnt look like pasted to the backround.)

I agree it would be better without that "fear" element... would make a clearer composition.

Agree with nycCreative about translation, I think Its "Lose fear of the rough".

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lose your fears re rough..
It looks like a "rough terrain", for the pursuit of golfing.
The golfer has lost his fear of these elements, the high grass, the lion,
It says to me I fear none of these,
And am willing to transverse the rough, to get to my goal: the hole in one, etc..
At all odds, I am a champion, and I will succeed!

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Wow, a Floating Lion's head will ruin my game... (Very bad photoshop work, or Paint)

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